Verbena Blossom Magnificently in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone (1)

ĦĦĦĦA few days ago, the colorful flower field in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone changed Ħ°new clothesĦħ, and the verbena field covering about 10,000 square meters entered the florescence. The verbena are blossoming magnificently, forming a beautiful and romantic purple sea and providing a good place for local residents and workers to take a rest and walk.

ĦĦĦĦThe purple flowers, with pretty color and shape, are connected to form an area of beauty. In breeze, the waves of flowers spread beautiful appearance and pleasant fragrance. Such dreamlike scenery attracts many visitors to take photos here. It is learned that the florescence of verbena is expected to last till October, and the colorful flower field is open to visitors free of charge.

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