Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Uses Ħ°PatrolsĦħ to Maintain Good Parking Order (2)

ĦĦĦĦIt is learned that after the use of the Ħ°patrolsĦħ, they will keep ceaseless patrol and law enforcement for non-parking areas within yellow line in the airport area. By using high-tech devices and means, the traffic police departments have effectively changed the traditional management manner characterized by manual occupation, and will greatly increase the efficiency of illegal parking control and standardize and significantly improve the static traffic order in the airport area. In addition, for illegal parking activities such as parking in unmarked non-parking area and occupation of sidewalk for the blind, the traffic police departments will also issue fine bills on the site and impose the punishment of a fine of RMB 200 without point deduction, so as to promote the construction of civilized city.

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