Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Uses Ħ°PatrolsĦħ to Maintain Good Parking Order (1)

ĦĦĦĦA few days ago, the reporter learned from Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee that, in order to maintain good road traffic environment, the airport area would use Ħ°patrolsĦħ, that is vehicle-borne mobile e-police video equipment, to strictly control the illegal activity of rule-breaking parking. It can automatically take video records of rule-breaking parking activities on a real-time basis, helping to solve the problem of disorderly parking and enhance the urban civilization.

ĦĦĦĦThe airport economic area brigade of Binhai traffic police detachment, together with the urban environment bureau, will implement a special campaign of parking order improvement in residential area, in commercial area, at construction sites and around apartments in the airport area of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. This campaign will mainly cover roads with more illegal parking such as Liuxia Road, Guanhu Road, Donger Road, Jinghe Road, Zhonghuan East Road and Zhonghuan South Road. In this campaign, the traffic police brigade will use the vehicle-borne mobile e-police video equipment called Ħ°patrolsĦħ. If an illegal parking activity such as parking in marked non-parking area (even if the driver is in the car) is recorded by the video camera, the punishment including a fine of RMB 100 and a point deduction of 3 points will be imposed.

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