Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Will Launch a Series of New Actions for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carriers (5)

ĦĦĦĦIn order to develop environment and mechanism favorable for integrated development of innovation and entrepreneurship carriers and to release the vigor of innovative development, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone will build a public service platform for innovation and entrepreneurship of SMEs. By means of Ħ°one-stop online serviceĦħ of the platform, it will enhance the data and information utilization of regional carrier management and provide more efficient and convenient services for SMEs in the Zone. At the same time, they will also integrate high-quality entrepreneurship training resources to provide open entrepreneurship training services for entrepreneurship carriers and SMEs in the Zone. They will make efforts in building up innovation and entrepreneurship activity brands and characteristic activities, continue serving effectively the enterprisers and SMEs in the Zone, enhance the innovation atmosphere in the Zone, form a scientific and technological innovation layout with wide participation, and increase the energy of the Zone in scientific and technological innovation.

ĦĦĦĦThe Zone will also continuously improve the policy environment for scientific and technological innovation. Considering the full-life-cycle development demands of scientific and technological enterprises, it will build policy toolboxes, link the policies with the supporting policies of Binhai New Area, Tianjin and the state, form resultant force of policy, and provide Ħ°professional + attentiveĦħ services for scientific and technological enterprises to promote their development.

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