Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Will Launch a Series of New Actions for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carriers (4)

In order to further bring into play the cluster advantage of the Zone in scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation, the technology and industry bureau of the Zone will organize and establish an innovation and entrepreneurship carrier alliance of the Zone. The members of the alliance will include maker spaces, incubators, industrial parks, venture capital organizations, investors, experts, scholars, senior managers of enterprises, and corporate representatives in the Zone, aiming to build an industrial innovation eco-circle in the Zone, explore and incubate more high-quality innovation projects, establish a platform for in-depth industrial exchange and cooperation, and jointly promote orderly development of industrial innovation. In addition, they will also bring into play the driving function of leading and backbone carriers for the supply chain, and form characteristic carriers with outstanding driving ability, high resource integration level and clear characteristics in the aspects of aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, high-end equipment manufacturing, life and health, intelligent technology, and marine economy. At the same time, they will promote establishment of a coordinated management system with joint training and shared standards among carriers, build a win-win and sustainable supply system, and drive the coordinated development of upstream and downstream SMEs.

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