Tianjin Siasun: Robots Come in a New Posture Under the Epidemic (3)

It is learned that Tianjin Siasun is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenyang Siasun Automation Co., Ltd., a leading company in the robot industry of China. Tianjin Siasun aims to become a supplier of whole industrial value chain that integrates basic development, performance test and batch production of industrial robots as well as industrial system solution provision; to create value for customers and partners through intelligent development platform of industrial robot, Siasun intelligent manufacturing execution system platform, and Siasun smart remote operation and maintenance platform; and to form a R&D, production and sales base based on the robot industrial chain of Tianjin, centered by advanced robot technologies, and having radiation effect on the whole country and even the whole world.

In recent years, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone has provided great supports for the high-quality development of industrial robot industry, leading to increasingly obvious pillar position of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry. Guided by leading enterprises such as Tianjin Siasun and GE, a group of backbone enterprises of intelligent manufacturing equipment with strong international competitiveness have been attracted to the Zone and been cultivated with intelligent technology innovation platform and special intelligentization funds. In future, the Zone will further promote supply-side structural reform, continuously guide industrial upgrading, accelerate commercialization of intelligent technology research findings, and make efforts to build a new highland of intelligent technology that is competitive in the whole country and even the whole world.

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