The Bell is Ringing. Time for Class! (3)

It is learned that there are totally 141 students at Grade Nine in Airport School. According to the requirements of the municipal education commission and the local education administration on class resumption of Grade Nine, the school divided the original 4 classes into 8 classes to ensure each class had less than 20 students, and arranged single desk for each student, with an interval of more than 1 meter. To avoid student gathering, class beginning and ending time of each class at Grade Nine is different from each other, and daily sunshine exercise time is arranged for the students.

In addition, the teachers in charge of the classes prepared tailored tips for the students, so that they can feel home-like warmth at school. To avoid the risk of cross infection during lunch, Airport School arranged lunch in the classroom. Workers of canteen brought the food to each class, and teachers wearing disposable gloves distributed the food to students after hand disinfection. Then, the students had lunch in good order.

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