Tianjin Haite Qualified to Overhaul Airbus A320NEO Airplane (1)

A few days ago, Tianjin Haite Aircraft Engineering Co., Ltd. received approval from Civil Aviation Administration of China for regular inspection and overhaul of Airbus A320NEO airplane, indicating that Tianjin Haite has get onto a new step in its repair ability and will open a new chapter of airplane repair along with Airbus A320NEO airplanes.

With great support from Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee, Tianjin Haite actively explored new potential in airplane repair. Based on the qualification to repair Airbus A319/320/321CEO airplanes granted by Civil Aviation Administration of China, and by virtue of the strict quality control of the quality department, Tianjin Haite successfully received the approval for regular inspection and overhaul of Airbus A320NEO airplane. It is learned that along with the production stop of A320CEO and the upgrading of the products, A320NEO has gradually replaced A320CEO. So far, more than 1,000 A320NEO airplanes have been delivered in the world, and the A320NEO airplanes delivered in the early days have gradually entered into the regular inspection cycle, so there is great market demand for such inspection. The qualification of Tianjin Haite for overhaul of A320NEO brings broader development space in aviation repair for Tianjin Haite.

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