Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Builds Bridges Between Banks and Enterprises, Helping an Enterprise Get a Credit Loan of RMB 800,000 in Two Days (4)

With efforts made in nearly two months, ICBC Tianjin Airport Subbranch has completed linkup with all the 74 enterprises in the list of enterprises with financing demand provided by the finance bureau of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, has reached cooperation intention on financing with 13 enterprises among them, and has submitted applications for 6 enterprises among them, with total amount of more than RMB 12 million. In addition, for other high quality enterprises in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, the bank also actively provided door-to-door services, wishing to help the enterprises successfully resume work and production by virtue of effective financial services. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the bank has visited more than 20 enterprises in the Zone, and issued credit loans of more than RMB 9.8 million to 9 enterprises among them. To satisfy the financing requirements of key enterprises for the epidemic prevention and control, the bank, taking the tenet of special procedures in special cases, has opened green channels of lending for epidemic prevention and control, comprehensively optimized account opening and business handling procedures, unblocked the processes of rating, credit extension, loan approval and so on, followed up the whole process of lending, ensured credit scale and reduced interest rate of loans, and properly handled various requirements during business transactions. In addition, the bank has verified credit loan amount of more than RMB 58 million for 34 enterprise customers in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone by analyzing the information of the enterprises using big data technology, such as industrial information, taxation information and daily settlement information.

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