Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Builds Bridges Between Banks and Enterprises, Helping an Enterprise Get a Credit Loan of RMB 800,000 in Two Days (3)

Just when Zhao Zhiping could find no way out, a bank-enterprise linkup meeting organized by Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone at the beginning of the year helped him regain hope. At that time, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee built bridges between hi-tech enterprises such as eyas and gazelle enterprises or enterprises with good potential and several banks. By virtue of this, we got a connection with ICBC Tianjin Airport Subbranch. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the company encountered the problem of delayed payment and dared not accept a new order after resumption of production in March, so they put forward an application for credit loan to ICBC Tianjin Airport Subbranch. With the guidance of the bank clerks, they prepared complete materials and had the loan approved in just two days, and can use the fund at any time. After receiving this message, we timely signed an agreement with the customer, so the company can operate normally again. We are thankful to ICBC for their trust and service, and to Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee for the bridge built between small and micro enterprises and state-owned banks. We believe that, with the supports of the administrative committee, small and micro enterprises like us can develop better and better, Zhao Zhiping said, with his knitted brows smoothed at last.

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