[Front Edge of Work Resumption] Schlote Tianjin Plant Achieves 100% Product Supply (4)

The reporter learned during the interview that in the early days after the work resumption, Schlote Tianjin Plant faced the problem of labor shortage, for many employees were not local residents. Thus, the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone actively asked relevant departments to help it solve this problem and guarantee the labor force for production and operation. So far, 326 employees of Schlote Tianjin Plant have passed the examination and been approved for work resumption. Facing the epidemic situation that is still rigorous, the whole staff of Schlote Tianjin Plant unite as one, make efforts to fight the epidemic, secure production, ensure safety and stabilize supply, and try the best to ensure orderly implementation of production plans while actively fighting the epidemic, so as to win both the battle against the epidemic and the overall battle of economic and social development.

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