[Front Edge of Work Resumption] Schlote Tianjin Plant Achieves 100% Product Supply (3)

It was learned that after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic, Schlote Tianjin Plant quickly established an epidemic prevention and control leading group led by Gao Jiangang, general manager of the company, worked out prevention and control actions and specific responsibilities, and communicated them to the whole staff. After knowing the epidemic situation in Tianjin, the headquarters of the company in Germany sent many N95 face masks from Germany as soon as possible to provide material guarantee for work resumption. In addition, while performing well publicity, urging, inspection and material planning, the departmental managers tracked the movement of the employees, monitored their physical conditions, and gathered and reported such information to the leading group every day. After the work resumption, Schlote Tianjin Plant actively organized employee trainings to disseminate knowledge on epidemic prevention and control, and provided good work environment for the employees.

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