[Front Edge of Work Resumption] Lindsay Tianjin Plant Makes Great Efforts to Race Against Time and Ensure Production (4)

The reporter learns during the interview that, before the work resumption, Lindsay Tianjin Plant comprehensively checked the conditions of the workers coming back to the plant, filled out the Personnel Check Information Sheet of Work Resuming Enterprise, provided epidemic prevention related education for the workers, and required the workers coming back to Tianjin from non-critical epidemic regions to isolate themselves for observation by themselves. After the work resumption, it set check points and reminding boards respectively at the front and back doors of the plant, and appointed guards to monitor and record the body temperature of the employees entering and leaving the plant on a 24-hour basis. In addition, all employees entering or leaving the plant are required to wear face masks, all vehicles entering or leaving the plant are required to be disinfected, and all passengers of the shuttle buses are required to measure the body temperature and wear masks before getting on the buses. During work, all employees of Lindsay Tianjin Plant are required to wear masks, and all offices, public facilities, workshops and other places in the plant are disinfected at least twice a day, with the disinfection records kept well. In addition, Lindsay Tianjin Plant reduces meetings, arranges dispersed dining, and places many garbage bins specially for collection of used masks in the plant.

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