[Front Edge of Work Resumption] Lindsay Tianjin Plant Makes Great Efforts to Race Against Time and Ensure Production (3)

¡¡¡¡In order to ensure smooth work resumption, Lindsay Tianjin Plant persists in the guideline of ¡°enhanced leadership, close coordination, reliance on science, legitimate disposition, mass prevention and control, and decisive action¡±, enhances the accountability system for the epidemic prevention and control characterized by ¡°the company bears the general liability and each department performs its own duties¡±, sets epidemic prevention and control targets and responsibilities level by level, and actively implements the comprehensive prevention and control actions centered by compulsory prevention. For this purpose, Lindsay Tianjin Plant has established a work system of ¡°leaders bear the general liability and designated persons bear specific liabilities¡±, and makes great efforts to perform well the epidemic prevention and control, reporting, disposition, and so on.

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