China¡¯s First Commercial GNSS Occultation Detection Load Developed by a Company of Binhai New Area Successfully Launched (3)

¡¡¡¡According to Dr. Li Fenghui, general manager of Yunyao Aerospace, the GNSS occultation detection load is a meteorological remote sensing technology that uses the occultation phenomenon between the ¡°GNSS navigation constellation ¨C earth ¨C LEO satellite constellation¡± on earth orbit to measure the atmosphere of the earth. It can also be understood as an advanced meteorological detector. It is mainly used to complete meteorological detection in two aspects, respectively global ionospheric detection and global atmospheric detection. It is a meteorological detector that can continuously detect the refractive index, temperature, humidity and pressure of air in the 0-60 km atmosphere and the electron content and density in the 100-800 km ionosphere. Its advantages include high spatiotemporal resolution and ability to simultaneously detect multiple regions of the earth and complete continuous detection from the atmosphere to the ionosphere, which cannot be completed by other instruments. ¡°We complete the global networking of GNSS occultation detection load in a commercial form, which can greatly reduce costs, speed up the pace of networking, and achieve rapid networking,¡± said Li Fenghui.

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