All Communities Carry out Rectifications to Ensure the Safety and Stability During the Ħ°Two FestivalsĦħ

ĦĦĦĦA few days ago, Community Office of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone held a specific deployment meeting on safety production to carry out centralized rectifications. Neighborhood committees and preparation groups of the communities actively played the pivotal role of community Party organizations in community governance. Together with police stations, comprehensive law enforcement units, fire brigades and other departments, they cleaned up corridor sundries and illegal structures in Yuecheng Garden, Brilliant Mansion and Yuanyang Community, and implemented standardized safety management for apartment-type multi-person shared houses in the communities. They urged correction of the problems found during the inspection such as blind spots of monitoring, improper management of monitoring rooms, and blockage of safety passages. Through the establishment of Ħ°street stewardĦħ and volunteer team, and in cooperation with community grid inspectors, they made efforts to form a strong joint force of safety management involving the entire population to ensure the safety and stability during the Ħ°two festivalsĦħ.

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