Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Aims to Build a Highland of Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry (4)

¡¡¡¡As expressed by the science, technology and industry bureau of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, while building an intelligent technology innovation platform with high standards, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone is actively responding to the ¡°ten policies of Tianjin on intelligent manufacturing¡±. So far, more than 30 enterprises, including CIMC Container, BOMESC, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Yili Dairy, Ringpu Biology, Cashway, and CAIP, have started to implement the intelligent transformation plan. It is learned that the Zone has allocated three batches of funds for intelligent transformation, with a total amount of more than RMB 140 million. The third batch of intelligent transformation projects in 2019 have been submitted to relevant authorities for review.

¡¡¡¡Development of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry is the only way to cultivate the new driving force of China¡¯s economic growth. In recent years, Tianjin¡¯s intelligent manufacturing equipment industry has kept rapid development, and an industrial pattern with high openness and high economic activity has preliminarily formed. Focusing on the construction of a national advanced manufacturing R&D base, Tianjin has continuously optimized and upgraded its industrial structure and enhanced its independent innovation capacity. Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone also continuously promotes the in-depth development of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry. The growth of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry and the new driving force derived from the intelligent manufacturing have injected ¡°cardiotonic¡± for Tianjin¡¯s transformation of new and old driving force.

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