Cashway Wins the Ħ°20-year Outstanding Contribution Enterprise AwardĦħ of Tianjin Software Industry

ĦĦĦĦA few days ago, the Ħ°2019 Tianjin Software Industry Development Summit and the 20-year Development Seminar of Tianjin Software Industry AssociationĦħ was held in Tianjin. Cashway won the Ħ°20-year Outstanding Contribution Enterprise AwardĦħ, and Jiang Haoran, Party secretary and chairman of the company, won the Ħ°20-year Outstanding Contribution Person AwardĦħ.

ĦĦĦĦAs a leading provider of smart banking solutions in China, Cashway is a deputy director member of the fourth council of Tianjin Software Industry Association. The company always attaches great importance to software development and application, and adheres to independent innovation. All its software products used for financial self-service equipment are designed and developed by it independently, have independent intellectual property rights, use mature software architecture, and can realize independent and controllable technology. The company has developed series and diversified software products, which well satisfy the needs of the banks for financial solutions. Its software research and development achievements are increasing year by year, and its market share is increasingly consolidated and expanded.

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