Smart Medicine Summit of the Third World Intelligence Congress Successfully Completed

””””Recently, Smart Medicine Summit of the third World Intelligence Congress was successfully completed. At this forum, with the theme of ”°Intelligence +: Enable Upgrading of the Real Economy”±, more than experts in the fields of smart medicine and artificial intelligence discussed about research, exploration and application in the sectors of medicine and intelligent technology to promote the exchange between and integration of the AI industry and traditional industries. In recent years, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone has been paying close attention to the development of the intelligent technology industry, gathering of high-end talents, and international cooperation. So far, it has preliminarily gathered many intelligent technology related industrial projects in five segments. The first one is the artificial intelligence speech synthesis segment dominated by iFLY TEK; the second one is the industrial robot system segment represented by Siasun Robot, InterSmart Robotic Systems, and Armsun Automation Technology; the third one is the big data service and application segment represented by China Unicom, China Mobile, Tongniu, ICNTV, and Mo Bai Big Data; the fourth one is the UAV segment represented by TengyunZhihang, HangdaHanlai andFeye UAV; the fifth one is the integrated circuit design and chip development, software development and service and other fundamental service segment represented by Unisoc, iSoftStone, and Volvo IT. These segments cover the whole chain of the intelligent technology industry. Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone will rely on the existing foundation of intelligent industry, continuously link up with international technologies, and build an industrial ecological environment characterized by well-connected industry chains, innovation chains, talent chains and policy chains.

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