Human Resource and Social Security Bureau of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Takes Several Actions to Ensure Harmonious and Stable Labor Relationship

Recently, the human resource and social security bureau of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone took several actions to ensure harmonious and stable labor relationship. Firstly, to improve the labor relationship coordination mechanism to form a mechanism involving three parties (government, labor union and enterprise) and coordination at two levels (municipal level and district level); secondly, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, to strictly fight against wage withholding, and to enhance standardization and informationization of labor dispute settlement; thirdly, to control risks in labor relationship, to talk with enterprises with potential labor relationship problems, and to strictly control labor dispute arising during industrial transformation, excess capacity dissolution, mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises, and shutdown of enterprises nonconforming with relevant planning, policies and standards; fourthly, to ensure smooth claiming channels such as telephone, letter, visit and Internet, and to achieve early monitoring, early disposition and zero risk.

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