A Lingang Water Safety Management Meeting Held in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone

A few days ago, a Lingang water safety management meeting was held in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. At the meeting, the spirit of the special meeting of the safety committee was communicated, and some requirements on safety management enhancement were put forward. Firstly, to comprehensivelyimplement the safety production accountability, to organize strict inspection to identify hidden troubles, and to carefully take corrective actions; secondly, to strictly implement watching system, and to ensure smooth communication channels; thirdly, to strengthen water safety management in docks and along shorelines, to strengthen safety risk control for unused shorelines, to strictly control access of unauthorized vehicles, and to achieve joint safety management of land and sea; fourthly, to further strengthen water safety related comprehensive regulation, and to make great efforts to ensure good water conditions in the Lingang area.

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