A Safety Production Inspection Arrangement Meeting Held in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone

A few days ago, a safety production inspection arrangement meeting was held in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. At the meeting, the key tasks relating to safety production inspection in 2019 were arranged. Firstly, to fully understand the importance and necessity of safety production inspection, to enhance the intrinsic safety of enterprises, and to solve the problems in safety management system and mechanism of enterprises; secondly, to learn lessons from the previous experience, to arrange detailed inspection tasks for each industrial sector, to fully use diversified forms, to find out deeply hidden problems, and to bring into full play the effect of inspection; thirdly, all the departments concerned should make common efforts, regularly convene exchange and summarization meetings, and strengthen information communication; fourthly, to analyze and study the problems identified during the inspection, to put forward suggestions on corrective actions, to strengthen regulation, to eliminate defects, and to continuously promote the in-depth development of safety production inspection.

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