The First Helicopter Ħ°ServedĦħ after Completion of Tianjin Aircraft Lease Zone

ĦĦĦĦA few days ago, an Airbus H225 helicopter slowly arrived the aircraft lease zone in the Airport Area of Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone after a long journey. The helicopter has been delivered to General Dynamic Aero Tech after handling customs procedures. This is the first helicopter Ħ°servedĦħ after Tianjin Aircraft Lease Zone was put into use at the end of last year.

ĦĦĦĦAs introduced by an officer of the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee, Tianjin Aircraft Lease Area was built with total investment of about RMB 240 million and total coverage of nearly 230,000 square meters, is close to the Airbus A320 General Assembly Line project and connected with the runway of Tianjin Binhai International Airport, mainly consists of apron and taxiway, and has enclosure security and security check systems.

ĦĦĦĦIt is learned that leased aircrafts must physically enter the special customs regulation area to enjoy the bonded area policies. Before Tianjin Aircraft Lease Zone was built, all aircrafts in the aircraft lease business completed in Tianjin needed to enter the plant of Airbus for completion of necessary procedures, so they were subject to some restrictions in timing and field use frequency. After Tianjin Aircraft Lease Zone was built, leased aircrafts can timely enter and leave the zone based on actual needs. At the same time, as the aircraft lease zone has been included to the flight control area management of Tianjin Airport, double superposition of the functions of customs special regulation area and airport flight control area is realized, leading to optimized aircraft entry flows and shortened duration of entry. As introduced by an officer of the aviation industry support center of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, recently the State Administration of Foreign Exchange approved the application for aircraft offshore financial lease related foreign debt registration business to be conducted in Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, so that Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone became the first zone approved by that administration to conduct such business. With the continuous improvement of aircraft leasing policies and environment, aircraft lease business in Tianjin has entered the Ħ°fast laneĦħ of high-quality development.

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