Regional Ecological Protection Specific Funding Policy of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Shows Remarkable Effect

Based on the regional reform and the current requirements on pollution control, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone amended the funding policy in October 2018 to expand the application scope of the annual ecological protection specific fund amounting to RMB 50 million to all the areas, namely airport area, seaport area and Lingang area, subordinate to Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. In addition, additional award and subsidiary policies were made for projects relating to near zero emission of waste gas, low nitrogen reconstruction of gas boiler, construction and use of reclaimed water facilities to encourage enterprises to use the best pollution control technologies and minimize emission, so that the total emissions of both enterprises and the zone can be reduced and the environmental quality can be improved fundamentally. Since the environmental protection specific fund was set in 2016, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone has issued more than 35 million of awards or subsidiaries to more than 30 projects, in which 10 ones have obtained additional subsidiaries of more than RMB 20 million from superior environmental funds. The environmental protection specific funding policy shows increasing guiding effect, and more enterprises become willing to control pollution on their own. This helps to effectively reduce the total emission and promote regional environmental quality improvement, especially air quality improvement. In 2017, the local PM2.5 concentration had a year-on-year decrease of 10%, and in 2018 such concentration had a decrease of 21.9%. Besides, a batch of environmental improvement projects were reserved and accumulated, including 18 reconstruction projects being implemented at present. By virtue of these efforts, a favorable mechanism of continuous improvement of environmental quality has formed.

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