Zhang Guoqing, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Tianjin, Visits Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone for Investigation

¡¡¡¡On the afternoon of September 10, Zhang Guoqing, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee and mayor of Tianjin, visited Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone for investigation.

¡¡¡¡Zhang Guoqing firstly listened to the reports on the development foundation, industrial layouts and future development plans of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, and expressed recognition for the work status and achievements of the officers. After that, he came to CETC Opto-electronics Research Institute, and walked to the science and technology exhibition hall and the equipment testing workshop to know the technology development and market prospect of the institute and to solve actual problems for it. This institute takes a national key lab of opto-electronics information technology and a laser technology engineering center as its core component, and its products involves the fields of laser 3D printing, soil element tester and high-end spectrum testing, with internationally leading technology level. Zhang Guoqing expected the institute to bring into full play its technical advantages, integrate internal and external resources, strengthen combination of military and civil technologies, further improve the equity based incentive mechanism and remuneration mechanism for researchers, and develop sustainably along the path of commercializing research findings and expanding production scale using the incomes from the commercialization.

¡¡¡¡After that, Zhang Guoqing visited Tianjin BGI Technology, where he knew the coproate development course, visited the biological lab, and listened to introductions on the operation conditions of the company. The main business of BGI covers health, bio-breeding related researches and operation, gene detection of diseases, control of birth defects, early identification and treatment of tumor, and so on. Zhang Guoqing encouraged the enterprise to achieve controllable core technologies, to enhance intrinsic power, to innovate in business mode, and to quicken the conversion from technology development to actual productivity. He also expressed that the government should make the best of the functions of platform companies, and attract and gather a batch of upstream and downstream enterprise to settle and grow in Tianjin.

¡¡¡¡Zhang Guoqing emphasized that Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone had good foundation, strength, opportunity and prospect in developing intelligent technology industry, biomedicine, and service trade. He brought forward the following requirements: to build up the concept of ¡°industry first, enterprisers first¡±, to strengthen the awareness of enterprise service, to be responsible, and to build good business environment; to firmly grasp investment invitation and attraction, to build professional investment invitation team, to introduce more good and big projects and headquarters projects, and to provide infinite power for high-quality development; to make the best of the ¡°Haihe Talent¡± action plan, to bring into full play the effects of favorable policies for talents needed by leading enterprises in strategic emerging enterprises, to attract high-end innovation leaders and gather highly skillful talents with craftsmanship, and to provide solid foundation for future development.

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