The First Round of the Fifth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Successfully Held

¡¡¡¡A few days ago, the first round of the fifth innovation and entrepreneurship contest in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone was successfully held. Taking the theme of ¡°open platform, shared resources¡±, and by virtue of the innovation and entrepreneurship service chains of ¡°one center and several platforms¡± in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, this contest was jointly organized by eight organizations, respectively Tianjin Base of Entrepreneur¡¯s Training Camp of Peking University, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base of Nankai University, China Civil Aviation Technology Industrialization Base, Tianjin Zhihuigu of iFLY TEK, Ringpu Smart Valley, Zhongke T&B Zhigu Park, Binhai Industrial Institute of Tianjin University, and Lingang Hi-tech Development Co., Ltd.. Industry specific divisional contests were held for the four major industries of intelligent technology, high-end manufacturing, health and marine economy. Since the initiation of the contest on August 1, 247 projects have signed up effectively, including 90 ones in the field of intelligent technology, 79 ones in the field of health, 60 ones in the field of high-end manufacturing, and 18 ones in the field of marine economy. Among the project teams, 26 ones have the experience of overseas study or work. The first round of the contest was organized using the form of online appraisal, and investors and industrial experts appraised the participating projects. Finally 60 projects won the first round and proceeded to the next round of the contest.

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