”°One-stop”± Customs Clearance Service of Air Transport Service Center of Aviation Logistic Area in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Runs Well

””””At present, the ”°one-stop”± customs clearance service of Air Transport Service Center of Aviation Logistic Area in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone is running well. The Air Transport Service Center (hereinafter referred to as ”°the Center”± for short) has a total area of about 15,000m2, and includes facilities such as declaration hall, office area, machine room and archives. Many departments of the customs relating to airport customs clearance services have appointed teams to this center, such as departments of import, export, express, customs transfer, logistics monitoring, inspection, and goods management, so that one-stop customs clearance services are realized. The Center was put into operation at the beginning of 2018. Up to the end of April, the Center had accumulatively completed customs clearance of common imported or exported goods of USD 6.17 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 9.4%; the value of imported goods was USD 3.11 billion and that of exported goods was USD 3.06 billion, respectively with a year-on-year growth of 4.9% and 14.4%; the quantity of goods transferred to other customs was 17,000 tons; the quantity of expresses declared was 1,499,000 transactions, with goods value of RMB 310 million; goods of 6,805 transactions were inspected; for Class C expresses, 2,460 main bills and 1,461,711 subordinate bills were handled; 639 cases of commodity filing were handled. At present, the 24-hour clearance rate of import and export respectively reaches 97.56% and 99.71%, special goods such as fresh seafood and goods at constant temperature can be released instantly, and the customs clearance service ability is further enhanced. In future, the aviation logistic area will further deepen the intensive regulation, continuously promote the construction of great customs clearance, promote ”°one-stop operation”± reform, strengthen cooperation between customs and inspection and quarantine bureau, quicken ”°single service window”± construction, further optimize the service environment of the airport port, and improve the customs clearance efficiency of the port.

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