Management Committee of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and Tianjin Jincheng Capital Company Sign Cooperation Agreements with Member Enterprises of Hainan Airlines Group

¡¡¡¡In order to further implement the strategic cooperation between Tianjin and Hainan Airlines Group, Management Committee of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and Tianjin Jincheng Capital Company, among others, signed cooperation agreements with member enterprises of Hainan Airlines Group to initiate deep cooperation in terms of air transport, e-commerce, infrastructure construction, financial innovation, and so on.

¡¡¡¡According to the agreements, Tianjin Airlines subordinate to Hainan Airlines will gradually increase investment to enhance its transport capacity in Tianjin, comprehensively implement ¡°aviation +¡± strategy, and develop complex industrial development mode consisting of multiple business segments such as ¡°aviation + tourism¡±, ¡°aviation + mobile Internet¡±, and ¡°aviation + finance¡±. It will drive the development of inbound tourism and business traveling by increasing the international air routes and flights, help Tianjin to build a three-dimensional traffic network, and promote the construction of Tianjin as an international aviation hub, an international tourism destination and an international gathering place of tourists. Hainan Airlines will make the best of its advantageous resources in modern logistics industry, rely on the port function and comprehensive advantages of Tianjin Aviation Logistic Area, and construct transfer center, cold chain logistics center, commodity trade center, cross-border trade center, international settlement center, and aviation financial service center here; it will introduce cargo airplanes, attract large-scale international freight forwarding projects, logistic projects, express projects, warehousing projects and other aviation logistics related projects to settle in Tianjin, and jointly promote regional functional development and investment invitation. Management Committee of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone will provide diversified supports for Tianjin Airlines in air route setting, base construction, aircraft purchasing, financing, and other aspects.

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