Integration of Service Windows of Customs and Commodity Inspection Helps to Further Improve the Service Efficiency

Since April 20, the former entry-exit inspection and quarantine system of Tianjin has been providing service in the name of Tianjin Customs to further shorten procedure handling processes and improve service efficiency. Firstly, transparent handling processes are implemented, all key documents are published online, and the business flows are made clear and easily understandable. Secondly, the effect of 1+1>2 in customs clearance and commodity inspection is realized, and enterprises can use Internet access equipment in the administrative service hall on a free basis and can obtain two qualifications for customs clearance and commodity inspection at the same time based on one set of procedures handled at one service window. Thirdly, the time limit for registration certificate issuance is shortened, from the 20 work days before the integration to immediate issuance at present. So far, 10 enterprises have successfully completed registration at customs and filing at inspection & quarantine bureau using the single window service, and have obtained customs declaration qualification and commodity inspection qualification at the same time, indicating great convenience in procedure handling.

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