T&B Holding Promotes the Construction of Ecological Shelter Forest Project in Airport Area of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone

ííííT&B Holding listed the Ecological Shelter Forest Project in Airport Area of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone as the No.1 project in 2018, and has convened several specific meetings and taken eight actions to promote the construction of this project. Firstly, communication and coordination with relevant administrations are further deepened. Secondly, four items are added based on the former six 100% conformities to form a dust control objective consisting of ten 100% conformities. Thirdly, environmental protection responsibilities are fulfilled level by level by virtue of the leading group and working group organized. Fourthly, í░zoned and grid-basedí▒ management is implemented to ensure no blind area in safety and environmental protection management. Fifthly, strict whole-process control is implemented in eight aspects such as grid and facility quantity, and countermeasures are adjusted flexibly. Sixthly, patrol inspection and accountability is strengthened to ensure fulfillment of safety and environmental protection responsibilities. Seventhly, excellent project election and awarding is promoted, and í░demonstration projectí▒, í░star projectí▒ and í░brand projectí▒ are built actively. Eighthly, project management is enhanced by enhancing party building, and the work enthusiasm of participants and front-line employees is aroused to make greater contribution to regional development and construction.

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