Two Companies Subordinate to T&B Holding Successfully Get Listed

On April 27, two companies subordinate to T&B Holding successfully got listed. Among them, T&B Energy got listed on the main board market of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and T&B Human Resource got listed on the new OTC market. These two listed companies, as well as T&B Infrastructure listed on main board market of A-share, indicate that T&B Holding has preliminarily built a domestic and overseas multi-level capital market layout, and has made considerable progress in deepening state-owned enterprise reform. T&B Energy, committed to power distribution and steam supply, has become the first state-owned energy operator in Tianjin that gets listed on main board market of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the first enterprise in Tianjin that got listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in this year. In this IPO, T&B Energy totally issued 44.32 million shares at the price of HKD 1.90 per share, and totally collected HKD 84.3 million. Upon approval by National SME Share Transfer System Company, T&B Human Resource initiated public share transfer on the national share transfer system (new OTC market) on April 27. The transfer is made by means of call auction, and the total stock capital is 10 million shares. After such transfer, T&B Human Resource became the first human resource company in Tianjin that is listed on the new OTC market. In recent years, T&B Holding deeply explored and integrated potential resources for listing, and quickened securitization of assets of advantageous enterprises. It has obtained domestic AAA credit grade and overseas BBB+ credit grade, has obtained the qualification for issuance of debt financing instruments (DFI), and has realized coordinated domestic financing and overseas financing as well as full coverage of financing channels and varieties through equity financing and bond financing. In future, T&B Holding will further optimize its investment and financing mechanism, improve its capital operation ability, and make greater contribution in deepening state-owned enterprise reform, enlarging functions of state-owned capital, and making state-owned enterprises and capital bigger and stronger.

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