”°Tianjin Marine Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Base Construction Project”± Gets the Approval from Ministry of Transport to Use Port Shoreline for Dock Engineering

”””””°Tianjin Marine Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Base Construction Project”± Gets the Approval from Ministry of Transport to Use Port Shoreline for Dock Engineering

””””A few days ago, ”°Tianjin Marine Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Base Construction Project”± got the approval from Ministry of Transport to use port shoreline for dock engineering. The total investment of this project is RMB 3.8 billion, including about RMB 560 million invested to dock engineering. In the dock engineering, one 300,000t floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) berths, as well as three 50,000t and three 30,000t marine engineering equipment manufacturing berths, will be built. Some port shorelines will be used as marine engineering platform and for shipment of heavy and large goods and unloading of raw materials. The hydraulic engineering structures will be built based on 300,000t FPSO draft. This project will be commenced in June 2019 and completed in 2022. After completion, this project can meet the needs of product shipment, landing of offshore equipment and facilities, and ship berthing, and will have leading and promoting effect for gathering of marine engineering equipment industries and coordinated development of related industries in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone.

””””Enterprises in Tianjin Aviation Logistic Area Enjoy Conveniences in Trading

”””””°One-stop”± customs clearance services and intensive supervision

””””In Tianjin Aviation Logistic Area on the north of Tianjin Binhai International Airport, a shipment service center with total area of 15,000m2 has been used for just 4 months. Here, customs provides one-stop clearance services including import, export, inspection, transfer and cross-border e-commerce related services. At present, the 24-hour clearance rate of goods imported via air transport exceeds 95%, and that of goods exported exceeds 99.5%. Under normal circumstances, fresh seafood and constant temperature goods can be directly released upon arrival due to the customs declaration in advance.

”””””°One-stop”± customs clearance services

”””””°In the past, as port administrations handled procedures in their own fields, and the cargo terminals and offices of companies are in different locations, sometimes we needed to go three or four places in the logistic area to deal with one document, and this required at least half an hour,”± Miao Yurui, business manager of COSCO Shipping Air Freight (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., told the reporter, ”°after the shipment service center was put into operation at the end of last year, this circumstance has gone forever. For example, if export of a batch of goods is canceled, I directly walk to the shipment service center from the office, and complete all procedures such as application deletion in about ten minutes, as all the administrations concerned provide services in the hall.”±

””””While the integration of office sites shortens the physical distance between the administrations and the enterprises and saves labor and material costs for enterprises, the construction of great customs clearance base and realization of integrated clearance causes chemical reactions to the business operation of the enterprises in the aviation logistic area.

”””””°It is clearly stated in the Implementation Scheme for Construction of North China International Shipping Core Area in Tianjin to build a great customs clearance base of aviation port and to build an internationally top-grade port characterized by high coordination, high efficiency and high convenience. At present, we are quickening the preparation for construction of the great customs clearance base,”± said Yu Miao, deputy director of the management bureau of Tianjin Aviation Logistic Area, ”°the great customs clearance base has a planned area of 1,000,000 square meters, and will be built using the mode of one-time planning and by-phase construction. In the first phase, we plan to build a cross-border e-commerce industrial park, and start planning and construction of joint inspection center and commercial buildings. At last, centralized supervision and inspection of goods by port administrations such as customs will be realized, and efficient, convenient and integrated clearance services will be provided for shipping, logistic and trading enterprises.”±

””””Siphonic effect formed by efficient services

””””The quick ”°growth”± of Tianjin Aviation Logistic Area and its professionalism and efficiency in customs clearance and enterprise service has brought into play a siphonic effect, and provided good opportunities for enterprises in this area to become larger and stronger. Thanks to the active and efficient services of the regulatory organs, the logistics enterprises here have benefited a lot from the gathering of customer sources and goods sources.

””””Hu Shuangzhi, deputy general manager of Tianjin Huayu Aviation Ground Service Co., Ltd. subordinate to Hainan Airlines, said, ”°due to the efficient collaboration among the port administrations in Tianjin Aviation Logistic Area, the customs clearance is very quick, and this is very important for many fresh seafood products. Just because of the efficient clearance, a chartered cargo flight between China and Europe was transferred from Beijing to Tianjin. After arrival of the goods, we transport them to Beijing, Shandong, Northeast China and other places using trucks. This reduces our time cost and financial cost. In this year, the first phase of goods depot of Huayu, with about 22,000 square meters, will be saturated, and we will put into use the second phase depot of 13,000 square meters as soon as possible.”±

””””Zhang Nan, deputy director of Tianjin Airport Customs Office, expressed that in this year Tianjin Customs made efforts to translate the excessive demands of passenger and cargo transport in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to Tianjin Airport, deepen the intensive supervision and management, and provide ”°single service window”± and ”°one-stop”± clearance services for international trade enterprises. According to statistics, Tianjin Airport Customs paid close attention to air-air customs transfer and truck-flight transfer, and has built customs transfer related business relation with the customs in 12 provinces and municipalities involved in the Belt and Road. In the first three months of this year, it totally completed customs clearance of nearly 4,000 transactions involved in the Belt and Road, with a year-on-year growth of 6.2%.

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