Building a green and smart comprehensive service park

ĦĦĦĦIt is learned that the project takes the concept of Ħ°green + smartĦħ and will carry out this concept throughout the whole lifecycle of project including design, construction and operation. In terms of design and construction, the first phase project will follow the standards of three-star green building and two-star green industrial building, strictly comply with the requirements on energy conservation, land conservation, water conservation, material conservation and environmental protection, and build a production system and resource system characterized by low consumption and continuous circulation. During the construction, project management mode based on BIM (building information model) technology and collaborative information platform will be fully utilized to realize all-process control of engineering progress, quality, cost, safety and other elements and to effectively control progress, guarantee quality, reduce cost and avoid various risks and hidden troubles.

ĦĦĦĦIn future operation, it will fully rely on application of Ħ°Internet +Ħħ and big data technologies, build information based and intelligent service platform and operation management system, realize efficient and smooth operation of relevant mechanisms, and become a truly green and smart logistic park with comprehensive services.

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