Comprehensive bonded area of Binhai New Area (second phase) started formal operation

ĦĦĦĦA few days ago, a cargo vehicle carrying accelerating agents, veneer crates and oxygen masks used for A330 aircraft went into the comprehensive bonded area of Binhai New Area, and then went into the plant of Airbus A330 project through a special channel after inspection by customs officer. This is the first transaction handled after the formal operation of the comprehensive bonded area of Binhai New Area (second phase), indicating that this area has entered into the stage of material operation.

ĦĦĦĦIt is learned that, on April 12, 2018, General Administration of Customs approved the comments of Tianjin Customs on acceptance of the comprehensive bonded area of Binhai New Area (second phase), and agreed that this comprehensive bonded area of 0.493km2 could implement closed supervision and open operation. The construction of this area, from preparation, planning and infrastructure construction in the early phase, to the acceptance, approval and operation commencement in the middle phase, and till the timely follow-up and continuous updating of subsequent services, had a high speed. The infrastructure construction was completed in 12 months, the national acceptance procedures were completed in 3 months, and material operation was started on the next day after approval, showing the Ħ°Speed of TianjinĦħ in expansion of comprehensive bonded area in China.

ĦĦĦĦAfter ten years of development, so far the settlement of Goodrich and Bombardier has opened the gate of aviation repair of the comprehensive bonded area; the setting of Bombardier aviation material warehouse indicates stable development of the aviation logistics and gradual forming of an aviation material distribution center facing the world; establishment of an aircraft lease field filled up a gap in the aspect of aviation leasing. The comprehensive bonded area has built a high-end aviation industrial chain that integrates aviation manufacturing, aviation repair, aviation logistics, aviation training, and aviation leasing into a whole.

ĦĦĦĦAs introduced by an officer of Tianjin Customs, Tianjin Customs will further innovate in service provision, accurately meet the requirements of development of local aviation industry, support the sound and rapid development of the comprehensive bonded area from the aspects of enterprise, project, industry and regional development, and try to consummate the open-up functions of the comprehensive bonded area, improve the layout of the aviation industrial chain, optimize the business environment, enhance the leading and driving effect, and broaden the radiation range.

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