Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Builds up UAV Service Industrial Chain

””””The blowout development of UAV industry in recent years quickened the popularization of UAV. However, due to insufficient flight fields complying with relevant laws and regulations, the ”°unauthorized flight”± of UAVs has disturbed the normal order in the air. At the same time, the difficulty in trial flight faced by UAV development enterprises has also become a bottleneck of industrial development.

””””The reporter learned that China Civil Aviation Technology Industrialization Base located in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone formally obtained the permission to use airspace a few days ago, so that many UAV related enterprises engaged in UAV development, manufacture, maintenance and flight training may realize ”°one-stop”± development of production and trial flight in this base.

””””Along with the approval of the airspace use right of China Civil Aviation Technology Industrialization Base, this base will successively carry out relevant production, education and research work. Yu Zhengzhe, in-charge person of China Civil Aviation Technology Industrialization Base and general manager of Tianjin Aviation Industry Development Co., Ltd., expressed that, in terms of project gathering, this base would deeply integrate UAV related production, education and research resources, build and further improve UAV industry service chain, build a UAV research and trial flight base that mainly covers UAV performance test, technology development, whole UAV manufacturing, flight experiencing, training for license applicant, agricultural and forestry operation, air patrol, flight verification, and so on; in terms of improvement of industrial supports, it would introduce a UAV appraisal center to provide technical supports for existing UAV projects, and promote the perfection of systems and technical standards for UAV industry based on actual conditions of enterprises and market and using various resources of UAV industry. ”°In the next step this base will organize relevant personnel to carefully learn the regulations on flight control, hold enterprise trainings on airspace use flows, manage well the use of the airspace, and effectively support the development of UAV industry in the base.”±

””””It is learned that China Civil Aviation Technology Industrialization Base is the only national civil aviation technology industrialization base in China. Up to the end of 2017, this base had successfully give birth to 108 civil aviation startup enterprise. Among them, Tianjin Tengyun Zhihang Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in research and development of industrial UAVs used for mapping and survey. Zeng Xianglong, general manager of this company, expressed that the most direct benefit brought by the approval of the airspace to enterprises was the availability of trial flight space for new UAVs. ”°In the past, we had to go to a remote airspace for trial flight of new UAVs or flight training of customers. Sometimes, we needed to come back after one or two flights in a day. After the approval of this airspace, we can perform trial flight directly in the base, leading to considerable reduction in time cost and physical resource cost, higher flight safety, and better development environment of the enterprise.”±

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