Quantity and Quality of Effective Patents in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Have Continuous Stable Growth

Since 2013, Science and Technology Bureau actively performed investigation of high-tech enterprises and scientific and technologies SMEs and provided guidance in patent exploration and application for such enterprises to enhance the local innovation ability. Up to the end of 2017, the quantity of applied patents had exceeded 20,000 in this zone. Among them, 4,455 new patents were applied in 2017; the quantity of effective patents held reached 7,030, which is 2.3 times the corresponding quantity in 2013; the quantity of effective invention patents held exceeded 1,400, which is 4.17 times the corresponding quantity in 2013. In the next step, Science and Technology Bureau will further cultivate core patents and high-value patents, make great efforts to promote intellectual property creation, use and protection, stably increase the quantity of patents and gradually increase the proportion of invention patents.

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