An Export Rebate Comprehensive Service Platform Launched in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone to Promote Development of Enterprises

Jinyun News. The reporter learned a few days ago from the Management Committee of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone that, as one of the first batch pilot organizations, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Office of SAT launched an export rebate comprehensive service platform in this zone in 2018. More than 1,600 enterprise-times of export enterprises logged on the platform within the first week after its launch. The successful launch of this platform greatly reduces the tax procedure handling costs of enterprises, and truly provides convenience for export enterprises in this zone in tax procedure handling.

In recent years, export enterprises in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone tended toward diversification of types, and emerging business formats such as foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises rose quickly and became a new point of growth of export. Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Office of SAT listened attentively to the appeals of enterprises and strengthened communication with them. On one hand, the Office strengthened policy publicity by means of website, WeChat public account, and bulletin board in service hall, and set several WeChat groups for export enterprises of different types to build communication platforms for tax procedure handling persons of enterprises; on the other hand, it paid close attention to information collection during daily work, timely found out appeals of enterprises, and timely communicated and coordinated problems occurred during export tax rebate or exemption application of enterprises. For example, it found out the rebating difficulties of several export enterprises such as Metso Minerals (Tianjin) International Trade Co., Ltd. in 2017, and timely helped them to solve such difficulties. In this way, it received wide favorable comments of tax payers, and enhanced the confidence of relevant enterprises in future development in Tianjin.

According to statistics, in 2017 the amount of export rebate actually handled by Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Office of SAT exceeded RMB 2 billion for the first time, reaching a historical new high. The Office always follows the requirements of the Work Standards for Export Rebate (Exemption) Management of Tax Administrations in China (Version 1.1), standardizes post setting, simplifies approval procedures, and makes great efforts to implement classified management of enterprises and paperless management of export rebate (exemption). Particularly, export enterprises are in an urgent need for fund callback before the Spring Festival, so the Office, after communication and coordination with the municipal office, worked overtime to handle export rebates for a batch of enterprises. After receiving the refund, these enterprises passed on this message in WeChat groups and commended the efficiency of the Office. In addition, along with the quick development of Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, the quantity and scale of enterprises served by the Office had great increase. To satisfy the tax handling needs of tax payers beyond the 8 working hours, the Office built together with several relevant departments the first 24-hour self-service tax handling area in the zone, which runs on a 7*24h basis. So far, this area has been equipped with 20 self-service tax handling machines and 14 self-service computers, and the scope of service covers tax declaration, invoice verification, invoice sale, invoice issuance, and so on. Thus, daily tax handling needs of tax payers can be comprehensively met.

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