160 Big and Good Projects Introduced by Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone in 2017

  In 2017, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone firmly grasped the historical development opportunity, continuously deepened reform and innovation, and introduced 160 big and good projects, 15 world Top 500 projects, and more than 170 industrially leading projects, laying a solid foundation for a high-quality development. (Reported by Hu Miao)

  A new step in economic and social development

  In 2017, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone made great achievements in investment invitation and introduction, and many big and good projects settled here. It had considerable progress in the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and 113 projects settled here in the whole year with a total agreed investment amount of RMB 14 billion, including Lenovo Venture Capital Headquarters, CNOOC Marine Equipment Manufacturing Base, and so on. It implemented the strategy of sharing the non-capital functions of Beijing, and introduced 109 projects, in which 66 ones have realized benefits. It quickened the construction of key areas and parks: the air transport service center of the aviation logistic area was put into use, and the port function of Tianjin Airport Economic Area for imported fruits was formally activated; the construction plan for China-EU Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park was approved, and Binhai New Area Branch of China-EU Regional Economic Cooperation Center started formal operation; Tianjin Airport Economic Area Insurance Industrial Park realized differential development, and insurance institutions such as Renren Insurance settled here.

  High-end manufacturing had rapid development. In the last year, Airbus A330 project completed construction, delivered the first airplane, and successfully put A320NEO airplane into production; construction of projects such as Offshore Oil Engineering, Tidfore Group and Seawater Desalination Demonstration Base was quickened, and the Lingang high-end equipment manufacturing industry had a clustered development.

  Fast moving consumer goods industries such as food and oil production and grease processing underwent reconstruction toward intelligent operation, and drove comprehensive upgrading of the production mode. Cultivation of innovative enterprises was promoted, and in the whole year 900 additional scientific and technological enterprises were established and 47 enterprises were recognized as national high-tech enterprises. Some policy documents were worked out and launched, such as the three-year action plan on talent development in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and the interim measures to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship of talents. In the whole year, 21 additional enterprises were recognized as enterprises under the ^Thousand Enterprises and Ten Thousand Talents ̄ program of Tianjin, and 1,200 talents of various types were introduced.

  Considerable achievements in institutional reform

  Actual achievements were made in supply-side structural reform, and relevant policies on such reform helped production enterprises in reducing the energy cost by RMB 42.6 million. Financial services were utilized to serve the real economy, and 12 enterprises completed joint-stock reconstruction under such service. Port operation and management mode was further improved, and an agreement on port integration in the Lingang area was formally signed. The reform and innovation of Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone was continuously deepened. More than 4 million bills of cross-border e-commerce transactions were completed, 61,000 automobiles were imported in the manner of parallel import, and 3 additional enterprises were approved as municipal foreign trade comprehensive service pilots. Relevant departments such as customs, inspection and quarantine, and foreign exchange administration were driven to support the implementation of innovative measures in the pilot free trade zone, and a new batch of innovative businesses were included into the reform deepening plan of the pilot free trade zone.

  Quickened improvement in education, health and social undertakings

  In 2017, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone made efforts to improve living standard of people, and quickened the improvement in education, health and social undertakings. Lingang experimental primary school was formally opened, Taishan Cancer Hospital was put into trial operation, the second Culture, Sports and Art Festival of Tianjin Airport Economic Area was successfully held, and modern public service system was in a quickened construction process. The employment conditions kept a good trend, 21,000 jobs were increased in the whole year, and 13,700 technical employees were trained, which exceeded the annual objective.

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