Whole-process Electronic Business Registration Realized in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone

ĦĦĦĦTianjin Daily (reported by Meng Xing). Whole-process paperless electronic business registration for all enterprise types and all procedures has been comprehensively implemented in Tianjin since November 1. During the month after such implementation, nearly a hundred enterprises in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone completed registration using the electronic registration system.

ĦĦĦĦSince the whole-process electronic business registration was put into trial implementation in Binhai New Area in April this year, such upgrading experienced three phases. In the first phase, online incorporation registration of limited companies was realized, but the applicants still needed to submit paper application materials at registration windows; in the second phase, starting from September 1, registration of more types of enterprises in the whole city was realized; in the third phase, starting from November 1, comprehensive whole-process paperless business registration was realized. In these months, the whole-process electronic registration system was optimized and improved. Now applicants need not go to the registration windows for incorporation registration, and can complete all the registration procedures online, from enterprise name declaration to online incorporation application, uploading of application materials, face recognition, identity confirmation, material verification, and electronic signature. Thus, the medium-less, paperless and costless online handling as required by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce is preliminarily realized.

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