Haiwei Alcohol Trade Market in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Strictly Controls Quality at Source to Offer a Reliable Alcohol Trade Platform for Consumers

Haiwei Alcohol Trade Market in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone pays close attention to source management in operation, and makes great efforts for product traceability. This market directly introduces products of international well-known alcohol production countries and makers to each warehouse in free trade zone and bonded area in China, and emphasizes control of safety and legality of alcohol products at source. It requires the partners, namely international alcohol makers, to have their own plants, vineyards, equipment and expert, own branding capability, and certifications from local government for the purpose of entering the platform. In addition, to guarantee the quality and cost effectiveness of the alcohol products, it sets the place of transaction to free trade zone, and uses the procedure of inspection and distribution before payment. In this way, Haiwei fully grasps the initiative in the transactions with international wine makers. Besides, the products delivered by international wine makers are directly picked up from the dock to the constant temperature storage of Haiwei for alcohol products, and then personnel of customs and inspection & quarantine departments go to the warehouse for inspection, so that the products are protected from sunshine and rain at the dock and the quality of alcohol products can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

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