Tianjin Plans to Increase the Minimum Wage by 16%

  New Daily(by Li Qian) - During the "Twelfth Five-Year" period, Tianjin plans to create 2.25 million new jobs, and the urban and rural unemployment will be kept lower than 4%.The first year of the "Twelfth Five-Year" is the key factor in achieving the target.During the whole year, all of the human resource and social security departments will spare new efforts to boom the employment. At the meantime, the wages and welfare will also be improved.The minimum wage is planned to be increased this year by 16%, and the proportion of it in the social average wage will be gradually improved. Surveying and supervision will continue to be provided to the enterprises with slower wage increase and those with potential of income growth, in an effort to encourage the income growth for employees.

  Wage: Both wage and minimum wage are to be raised, and the collective wage negotiation system will cover 1.3 million people

  Total wage in urban and rural are as to increase by 15%

  In 2011, Tianjin is to launch new income-generation program, to further improve the mechanisms of normal growth of staff salaries,collective negotiation,government supervision and performance-based incentives. The total wage in urban and rural areas will be increased by 15%, which will promote a 10% increase to the per capita disposable income of city residents.For that purpose, the hcuman resource and social security departments will continue to release the wage guidelines, and the reference lines and minimum line will be increased by 16% and 7% respectively.

  According to Tianjin Bureau of Human Resource and Social Security, a pilot industry wage guideline is to be released for the lower-income industries like resident service,lodging and catering, leasing and business service, in order to lead such enterprises to give reasonable raise to the employees.The minimum wage in Tianjin is also to be increased by 16% this year, the proportion of which in the social average income will be gradually improved. This year, a supervision mechanism is also to be established for the low-income enterprises to improve, in which 1,000 to 1,500 enterprises will be chosen as the ones to have "touched the line", surveying and supervision will continue to be provided to the enterprises with slower wage increase and those with potential of income growth, in an effort to encourage the income growth for employees.

  This year, "Regulations on Enterprise Collective Wage Negotiation in Tianjin" will be fully applied, which will guide the enterprises and employees to negotiate on equal basis about wage, wage increase, welfare, work quota, and so on. The performance of wage negotiation results will be supervised and examined, so as to promote the synchronised increase of wages and enterprise revenue.In cases where one party has request to negotiate, but is turned down or delayed of a reply by the opposite, the administrative department will order the opposite party to rectify.

  It is reported that Tianjin is to focus on the promotion of collective wage negotiation in enterprises with trade unions,foreign invested enterprises, private enterprises and low-income enterprises this year.By the end of the year, more than 80% of the enterprises with trade unions should establish the negotiation system, and the target has been set to have 16,000 enterprises with the negotiation system, covering 1.3 million employees.

  Entrepreneurship training centers should be established in all districts and counties, and one or two incubation and training service "brands" should be made in each district or county. For the whole year, more than 20,000 people should have received the entrepreneurship training in Tianjin, and the entrepreneurial success should be no less than 30%, which will lead to an employment rate of around 1:5.

  The "Million Skilled Talent Training Program" is to be implemented.Led by the demand of enterprises, based on the training platforms, and guaranteed by the training subsidy policies, large-scaled vocational skills trainings will be carried out. During the whole year, 200,000 skilled talents will be trained, among whom 40,000 will be senior workers and 10,000 will be technicians. Basing on the great development of the service industry, new careers and new jobs will be created in this field.Beside, 50 training bases for high-skilled talents and 30 research stations for technicians will be built this year, in an effort to better satisfy the needs of enterprises with training evaluations.

  Contracts:to promote regional and industrial collective contracts

  The year of 2011 is the last of the three-year labour contract program. In order to reach the targets, efforts should be made in tracking the signing of labour contracts for the new employees, strengthening the filing of labour contracts, and establishing widely in all kinds of enterprises in Tianjin the labour contract system.The "Rainbow Plan" of collective contracts will be launched, and regional and industrial collective contracts are to be promoted. The coverage of collective contracts should be over 80%.

  In addition, the materialized construction of arbitration institutions will tbe accelerated in Tianjin this year, and arbitration courts are to be established in the areas with relevant conditions. On the principles of simple trials for simple cases, collegiate bench trials for complex cases, and prior trials for collective cases, the disputes are to be classified, so as to improve the case handling efficiency, and the arbitration workers will aim at closing 90% of the cases within time limit.

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