Some Preferential Policies to Promote Foreign Investment in Transportation and Public Facilities
Article 1:Foreign investors shall be encouraged to invest in transport infrastructure projects of Tianjin, in a effort to accelerate the construction of transport infrastructure. This document is formulated according to the relevant state laws and regulations and taking into consideration the reality in Tianjin.
Article 2:The transport infrastructure projects in this document are referring to the state-level main lines of the highway network that are in the territory of Tianjin, highways, first grade car lines, large and independent bridges and the ancillary facilities.
Article 3:Foreign investors shall be encouraged to invest in the construction and management of transport infrastructure projects in forms of joint ventures, cooperative enterprises or wholly foreign-owned enterprises. They can also purchase the management rights of such projects that are already built up, and they are allowed to invest in various service industries that are related to the ransport infrastructure projects according the regulations, and carry out comprehensive operations.
Article 4:Approved by the People's Governments that are above district and county levels, the land needed for the transport infrastructure projects can be provided in the forms of selling,leasing or state purchases of stakes. The land users shall go through examination and approval formalities according to the law and pay for the relevant taxes.For the joint venture and cooperative construction of transport infrastructure projects, the Chinese partners can be entrusted by government departments to have the land evaluated and become shareholders with it, and so as to participate in the investment and operation.
Article 5:The enterprises investing in the construction of transport infrastructure projects are allowed to apply for building up comprehensive operation projects like supporting gas stations, restaurants, warehouses, advertisement, and so on. The joint ventures and cooperative enterprises are also allowed to apply for starting real estate and service projects, and with approval, the land needed for the development and construction shall be sold to them at discounted prices over the benchmark land prices.
Article 6:Charging schemes shall be suggested by the investors on the basis of reasonable investment payoff periods of the foreign-invested transport infrastructure projects and road and bridge projects allowed to charge by state regulations.
Article 7: The business income tax of foreign-invested enterprises operating transport infrastructure projects shall be levied at a reduced rate of 15%. For those with operation periods of over 15 years, with approval, the business income tax paid shall be reimbursed fully for the first 5 years since the profit-making year, and be reimbursed for half for the following 5 years.
Should the foreign investors reinvest the profit gained from the project operation in transport infrastructure projects, if the operation periods are above 5 years, 40% of the business income tax paid over the reinvested part is refundable after getting the approval.
Article 8:Over the highway tolls collected for the foreign-invested transport infrastructure projects, after getting the approval, the business tax shall be reimbursed fully or partly during the investment payoff periods.And tax shall be paid according to the relevant regulations for the income of other service projects.
Article 9: For the lawful income of foreign investors that are gained from transport infrastructure projects, Tianjin administrative departments shall prioritize them for the foreign exchange permits, and allow them to remit the income abroad.After getting the approval, joint ventures and cooperative enterprises shall be allowed to purchase goods for export, and to realized the balance of foreign exchange.
Article 10:The People's Governments of district and county level and relevant municipal departments of the locations of foreign-invested transport infrastructure projects shall guarantee the smooth construction of the projects according to the rules of integrated planning and graded responsibilities.
Article 11:The relevant departments shall be responsible to remove according to the regulations the electricity, water supply and drainage, post and telecommunications, gas facilities, including the ground attachments and the underground installations.
Article 12:After getting the approval, this document shall be applicable for the foreign-invested public utility projects in Tianjin, which includes urban roads, bridges, elevated road, drainage, centralized heating, gas, water supply, environmental sanitation and protection, and garden facilities.
Article 13:Tianjin Investment Service Center shall be responsible for the interpretation of this document.
Article 14: This document shall go into effect as of the day of release.
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