Regulations to Further Promote Foreign Investment in Tianjin
During the period between the establishment of foreign-invested enterprises and the beginning of production, after finishing relevant procedures with Tianjin Customs,the enterprises are allowed import samples of the products to be manufactured for bonded display.
For the foreign-invested projects that are up to the requirements of state hi-tech enterprises, the following preferential policies shall be applicable:
(1)In cases where high technologies are evaluated to be used as investment or shares,there shall be no restrictions over the evaluation amounts after the appraisal of examination and approval authorities.
2For space used for office, experiment or production purposes in TEDA International Incubation Center, and Incubation Center of Tianjin Hi-Tech Park, no rent shall be charged during the "incubation period".
(3)3% of the annual revenue of Tianjin Economic and Technology Development Area,Technology Park of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and Tianjin Hi-Tech Park shall be reserved as technology risk fee to support the development of hi-tech enterprises.
The following preferential policies shall be applied for the foreign investors' development of agriculture by introducing quality varieties and advanced technologies:
(1)The accredited productive agricultural hi-tech enterprises that with operation periods of over 10 years shall be exempted from business income tax for the first and second years since the profit-making year on an reimbursement basis; for the third till fifth years, the business income tax shall be levied at a reduced rate of 50%, which shall be reimbursed;for the sixth till tenth years, the full amount of business income tax shall be levied, of which 50% shall be reimbursed.The real tax rate shall be lower than 10%.
(2)Experiment bases of new technologies and products established by Tianjin Export-Oriented Hi-Tech Agricultural Modernization Demonstration Area and Tianjin Agricultural Technology Introduction and Localization Center shall be exempted from tax on agricultural and forestry specialties for three years since the revenue-generating year.
(3)Special preferential loans for agricultural industrialization shall be provided for foreign-invested enterprises developing and producing agricultural and sideline products like fruits, vegetables, animal products, aquatic products, green food and , if the varieties and quality is superior to other products of the same kinds, and push forward the export of peasant households or supporting enterprises.
The following preferential policies shall be applied to foreign-invested transportation and public facilities in Tianjin:
(1) Approved by municipal tax departments, the business income tax for foreign-invested transport infrastructure projects and public facility projects shall be levied at a reduced rate of 15%;during the investment payoff period,the business tax shall be refunded year by year with the approval of municipal tax departments.
(2)Approved by municipal tax departments,for the above-mentioned enterprises with operation periods of over 15 years,the business income tax shall be fully refundable year by year for 5 years since the profit-making;for 5 years since the sixth year, 50% of the the business income tax shall be refundable year by year.

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