Tianjin Launches 25 Measures to Strengthen Support for Real Economy

  Tianjin Daily - On 20th, our correspondent interviewed Mrs. Zhang Xiaoyan, Office Director of Tianjin "Adjusting structure, improving people's livelihood and upgrading " activity, Standing Deputy Director of Tianjin Development and Reform Commission, for her interpretation of the formation, focuses and contents of the 25 measures launched by Tianjin to strengthen support for real economy.

  In order to implement thoroughly the strategic plans of the Twelfth Session of the Ninth Plenary Meeting of the Municipal Party Committee, carry forward the "adjusting structure, improving people's livelihood,and upgrading " activity, in accordance with the requirements of Mr. Zhang Gaolithe Municipal Party Secretary and Mr. Huang Xingguo, the Mayor, the leading office of Tianjin "Adjusting structure, improving people's livelihood and upgrading" activity has researched and formulated this year's assistance measures. During the process of formulation, surveys and panel discussions have been carried out, and wide consultation has been done with relevant government departments as well as districts and counties. The measures have gone through repeated revision, to guarantee the pertinence, effectiveness and operability of the measures. On February 14th, on the 84th executive meeting called by the Municipal Government,"25 Measures to Boost the Current Economic Development (discussion paper)" was discussed and passed on principle, which was to be submitted for the examination of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee.

  Mrs. Zhang Xiaoyan said that the measures made this year have kept the continuity of policies, and met the requirements of the year's activity. Basing on adjusting and optimizing the economic structure, promoting the steady and rapid economic development,support has been increased for big projects, science and technology Little Giant projects,building economy, energy-saving and environment protection, and integrated development of living areas in rural areas, demonstration industrial parks and agricultural parks. Meanwhile, focusing on servicing real economy, new measures have been added to improve financial services, help companies to explore market, and support the development of small and miniature enterprises.

   The 1st to the 8th measures have clarified that fiscal capital of RMB1.44 billion will be allocated by different municipal departments, which is RMB217 million more than last year, to accelerate the structural adjustments and project construction of various kinds of enterprises. Tianjin Bohai State Assets Management Co., Ltd. has raised funds of RMB1 billion to support the reorganization of state-owned enterprises. The 9th and 10th measures are for the purposes of expanding social financing and easing capital contradictions, which include measures to guarantee a higher actual use of credit funds than last year, higher growth of bank loans than the national average, helping facilitate the IPO, expanding equity and debt financing and developing financial lease, and so on. Measures 11th to 17th are mainly for supporting the development of small to medium enterprises and miniature enterprises.The 18th, 19th and 20th measures are for helping enterprises tackle the difficulty of recruitment,and stabling employment, including extending the cooperation with labour exporting places, introducing job services for migrant workers,increasing employment trainings and job stability support, as well as supporting enterprises to introduce and train talents and highly-skilled workers.Measures 21st to 25th are mainly about improving the services of government departments, raising administrative efficiency and reducing the burdens on enterprises, which include measures for quick customs clearance for enterprises, better commodity inspection and quarantine services at ports, further reducing and down-passing of administrative examination and approval, lowering administrative service fees and lowering business service fees.

  The 25 measures are covering the above-mentioned 5 aspects,focusing on the overall interests of the work of Tianjin, staying close to the real economy, and keeping a foothold on servicing the enterprises, projects and development. Taking into consideration real needs, feasibility and operability, they will play a positive role in the smooth development of "adjusting structure, improving people's livelihood,and upgrading " activity, as well as the sound and fast economic and social developments.

  The newspaper news (by Chen Fan) in order to implement throughly the strategic plans of China's annual Economic Work Conference and the Twelfth Session of Ninth Plenary Meeting of the Municipal Party Committee of Tianjin, further improve the economic environment, service the real economy, support the developments of enterprises, realise the sound and fast economic and social developments in Tianjin in the light of the fundamental tone of "making progress, excellence and quickness while maintaining stability", and the overall requirements of "adjusting structure, improving people's livelihood,and upgrading ", Tianjin has launched 25 measures to boost the current economic developments.

  1. To support the structural adjustments of leading industries. RMB210 million will be allocated from the special fund of the Economic and Information Commission of Tianjin, among which RMB100 million will be for the construction of Tianjin's major industrial projects; RMB40 million is for supporting the energy-saving and environment protection projects of key enterprises and the projects for energy-saving products to benefit the people; RMB30 million is for encouraging the development of enterprises' technological innovation ability and the software industry;RMB10 million is for the construction of informationization projects in the social areas and areas important to people's livelihood; and another RMB30 million is for the balancing of production factors like coal,electricity, petroleum and transportation.

  2. To support the developments of technological enterprises that are of small and medium sizes. The Science and Technology Commission of Tianjin will allocate capital of RMB500 million and loans of RMB1.5 billion from financial institutions for the "Little Giant" special incubation fund;the Development and Reform Commission of Tianjin will allocate special funds of RMB30 million;and Binhai New Area and other districts and counties will also raise funds for supporting the construction incubation and service platform for technological enterprises of small and medium sizes, as well as the industrialization projects of high and new technologies;support the developments of through their initial,growth and flourishing stages. By the end of 2012, there will be totally 30,000 technological enterprises of small and medium sizes in Tianjin, among which 1,200 will be technological "Little Giant" enterprises.

  3.To support the transformation and elevation of industrial enterprises in the suburban areas. RMB50 million will allocated out of the special funds of the Bureau of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises(SME) of Tianjin for supporting the industrial technological transformation projects in the suburban areas, construction of technological innovation platforms and setting up credit-guarantee institutions.The "make your dream come true in Tianjin" training program for SMEs will be carried out, and will train 35,000 executives for SMEs during a year's period.

  4.To accelerate the development of the service industry. RMB50,000 will be allocated from the special funds of Tianjin Development and Reform Commission, for supporting the emerging and high-end service industries like headquarters economy, building economy,cultural creativity and modern logistics. RMB65,000 will be allocated from the special funds of Tianjin Commission of Commerce, for supporting the construction of large trade circulation facilities and circulation systems for agricultural products, commercial projects for people's livelihood, exhibition and festival activities, and e-commerce.

  5.To support the construction of modern agriculture and demonstration townships. RMB200 million will be allocated from the special funds of Tianjin Commission of Agriculture for supporting the development of equipment agriculture; and RMB 10 million will be for the loan discount for leading agricultural enterprises. RMB15 million from the special funds of Tianjin Commission of Commerce will be used for the vegetables reserves, in order to increase the market's capability of emergent supply.RMB40,000 from the special funds of Tianjin Commission of Agriculture, and RMB30,000 from that of Tianjin Development and Reform Commission will be used for supporting the construction of of demonstration townships and public projects.

  6.To support the enterprise to explore the market.Tianjin Commission of Commerce will allocate RMB150 million out of its special funds for such purposes, among which RMB100 million will be used for the promotion of import and export of the enterprises; RMB50,000 will be for developing service outsourcing, especially for the big service outsourcing projects,small technological enterprises in the field of service outsourcing and the construction of outsourcing service parks. Tianjin Economic and Information Committee, Tianjin Bureau of Finance and Tianjin Commission of Commerce will jointly raise municipal directing capital of RMB50,000, and the districts and counties will raise RMB150 million to support the local industrial enterprises explore the market.

  7. To support environmental protection and circular economy projects. RMB20 million out of the special funds of Tianjin Environment Protection Bureau will be allocated for the safety control of enterprises that have reduced or stopped production that releases radioactive or pollutants of first degree. Differentiation management will be carried out for some construction projects that have minor impacts on the environment. RMB20 million of the special funds of Tianjin Development and Reform Commission will be used for the construction of circular economy projects.

  8.To support the reform and development of state-owned enterprises.Tianjin Bohai State Assets Management Co., Ltd. will continue to play the role of investment and financing platform, and will raise RMB1 billion for the state-owned enterprises.The establishment of industrial structure adjustment fund will be prepared, in order to support the state-enterprises to adjust the industrial structure.

  9.To increase the support of bank credit capital. More efforts will be made to urge the Tianjin branches of all banks to attract more credit funds from other places to be invested in Tianjin, by ways of syndicated loans within their own systems, and so on. By increase the loan-to-deposit ratio and credit availability of local banks, we will make sure that the actual use of credit capital is higher than last year, and the growth of bank loans is higher than the national average.By expanding the total social financing and optimizing structures, increase the financial support to the key areas and weak links like big projects, technological "Little Giant" projects, building economy, cultural industry and rural operations.

  10. To expand the direct financing of enterprises. IPO and refinancing will be promoted, and it will be guaranteed that more than 20 enterprises will have entered the issuance examination procedure within the year. The enterprises with relevant capabilities are encouraged to issue enterprise bonds, medium-term notes,and short - term financing bonds in China and abroad. Collective debt financing is promoted. Pilot projects of private foreign equity investment funds will be pushed forward.Financial lease will be actively promoted.Enterprises are encouraged to be listed for financing in Tianjin Binhai Over-The-Counter Market and Tianjin Equity Exchange.Within 3 years since 2012, those local enterprises listed in Tianjin Equity Exchange, if the initial finance volume is over RMB5 million, the municipal fiscal department will allocated a one-time subsidy of RMB500,000.

  11. To expand the financing channels for SMEs.The service modes of financial institutions for SMEs are to be improved, and the service will be enhanced. The enterprises are supported to take various kinds of financing forms like shareholding pledging, trademark pledging, chattel pledging and financial lease, and so on, so as to accelerate the transformation of stock assets to development capital. The supply chain financing like accounts receivable, factoring, etc. is to be expanded, and petty loans of working fund without guarantee or collateral will be granted.The financial institutions' policy of pre-tax deductions of loan loss provisions will be extended to the end of 2013.Private-equity funds will be effectively matched with the local technological SMEs.For the next 3 years since 2012, for the private-equity funds invested in the SMEs in Tianjin, the financial departments will rebate 80% of the local reserve of the income tax after the project exit or making profit.

  12.To promote the SME branding and scaling up. SMEs will get support for establishing famous brands of Tianjin, and the accredited output value and tax standards will be relaxed to 80% of the applied standards of the year. The SMEs are encouraged to expand their business scales, and those with registered capital of more than RMB50 million that is directly accepted by Tianjin Industrial and Commercial Bureau are allowed application regarding changes without the names of administrative divisions.The limited-liability companies (excluding one-member companies) are allowed to pay the registered capital within three months after registration. If a existing company applies to increase the registered capital, the monetary proportion of capital contribution of the increased part is no longer examined.If the capital accumulation fund or surplus accumulation fund is to be turned into the increase of registered capital and paid-in capital, the proportion of the accumulation fund is no longer examined.

  13.To improve the financial services to the small and miniature enterprises. All kinds of capitals are encouraged to get involved in the establishment of of financial service institutions facing small and miniature enterprises like small-loan companies, rural banks, and so on. The reference service system and pledge evaluation system are to be optimized, and the loan processes are to be simplified. The interest rate floating range for the small and miniature enterprises will be determined reasonably,in order to guarantee the independent credit scale of the small and miniature enterprises. New financing products for the small and miniature enterprises will be created. Mortgage lending of rural contracted land use rights, rural residential houses and forest rights will be promoted.The unreasonable financial charges against small and miniature enterprises will be ruled out, so that the financing cost of such enterprises will be actually reduced.Differentiation supervision over the financial services for small and miniature enterprises will be carried out, and there will higher tolerance of non-performing loan rate. We will guarantee that the growth of loans for small and miniature enterprises for the whole year will be higher than the average growth of all loans, and there will be over 30% more credit customers than last year.

  14.To implement the financing subsidies for small and miniature enterprises.A multi-layer guarantee system facing the small and miniature enterprises will be established, and the relevant subsidies will be put in place. Within 3 years since 2012, the municipal fiscal department will grant awards for the increase part by the end of the year than the previous year of the loans provided by banking financial institutions or small-loan companies for the small and miniature enterprises in Tianjin, as well as such financial leasing amounts, professional factoring amounts and financing insurance amounts; and a RMB300,000 reward will be granted for every RMB100 million increase. Within 3 years since 2012, the qualified financing guarantee agencies will be exempted of the business tax over the profit made from providing loan guarantee and reguarantee for the small and miniature enterprises in Tianjin. The policy of reducing the business tax percentage to 3% of the financial insurance income for the qualified rural financial institutions will be extended to the end of 2015.

  15.To lighten the tax burdens for the small and miniature enterprises. By the end of 2015, for small and miniature enterprises with taxable income of less than RMB60,000, a reduced 50% of the income will be included in the taxable income, and the corporate income tax shall be paid according to the tax rate of 20%.Within 3 years since November 1,2011, no stamp tax shall be paid for the loan contracts between financial institutions and small and miniature enterprises. Within 3 years since 2012, the small and miniature enterprises are to be exempted of 10 administrative service fees of administration, registration and licencing.

  16.To increase the innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities of . A batch of venture demonstration bases with complete functions, standard operations and outstanding performance will be established for the small and miniature enterprises. Those in the traditional industries and labour intensive industries like textiles and garments, equipment manufacturing and the service industry will be the focus of the support to accelerate the structural adjustments, transformation and upgrading. The small and miniature enterprises in the franchising industry is encouraged. Docking platforms will be set up for the human resources of small and miniature enterprises, where subscription type trainings and job-oriented trainings will be given.

  17. To encourage the development of individual businesses. In accordance with the "Regulations for Individual Businesses" (Decree No. 596 of the State Council), individual businesses are encouraged to develop, and they are also encouraged to upgrade themselves to enterprises. The thresholds of personal value added tax (VAT) and business tax for individual business are raised !!for those paying the taxes in regular periods,the threshold is RMB20,000; for those paying on transaction basis, the threshold is RMB500.

  18. To ease the employment difficulties of enterprises. Collaboration with the labour-exporting regions will be enhanced, and labour cooperation bases will be further developed. All kinds of human resource service organizations are encouraged to hold recruiting activities in Tianjin and other places, and bring the enterprises facing labour shortage to the regions with abundant supply of labour for match-making events and job fairs. The employment training policy will be optimized, and the qualified personnel will receive training subsidies.Employment internship will be strengthened, and living subsidies will be granted.The experience of setting apartments to facilitate the job-hunting of migrant workers will be vigorously promoted, and 24-hour job service will be provided, for the applicants to get coordinated services like free policy consultation, occupational guidance,job-introduction,and so on . A lasting mechanism for stabilizing employment opportunities will be established, and job-safety subsidy, training subsidy and social insurance subsidy will be provided to the enterprises that are temporary difficulties in business during the process of economic structure adjustment.

  19. To introduce talents that are urgently needed. "2012 Directorthe y of Talents in Shortage of Tianjin" will be made and released,and 350 high-level and high-quality talents will be introduced for the key projects. Persons who have studied abroad are supported to set up technological SMEs in Tianjin,such people will be organized to apply for the state and Tianjin -level "Thousand-Person Program", "Thousand Foreign Specialists Program",subsidized technological projects chosen on merit,talents introduction for technological SMEs, and so on. On the platforms of "China Tianjin 8th Online Match-Making Meeting for Overseas Talents", job fairs for foreign talents, and so on, the enterprises are urged to introduce high-level talents from overseas through match-making.Innovation and starting businesses will be organized for the high-level talents who have studied abroad, and the "Tutoring by Masters Program" will be implemented, in order to help the people returning from abroad start their businesses in Tianjin.

  20. To train high-quality and high-skill talents.Professional quality promotion plan will be carried out thoroughly, and 2,000 technicians and business executives will receive trainings abroad. The training of postdoctors will be accelerated, "131" innovative training project will be implemented, and there will be more than 10 newly built post-doctoral research centers in the enterprises.The construction of carriers for the training of high-skilled talents will be quickened.Tianjin Vocational Public Training Center,urban and rural public training bases and training bases for high-skill talents will be promoted and perfected.Mobile workstations for technicians and workshops for technical masters will be established.

  21. To realize the high-efficiency customs services.Special channels will be opened to support the construction of key projects in Tianjin, to guarantee the imported equipment are subject to the preferential tax policies granted by the government.The approval procedures for the outward processing will be improved,the classification of carried forward commodities of deep processing will be perfected. The qualified enterprises will be allowed to do outward processing,and the processing trade will be pushed to the higher end of the industrial chain; The sales of processing trade commodities will be made more convenient; The approval for registration of the high-class enterprises will be more efficient.9 administrative examination and approval items including the provisional registration of enterprises and filing for the customs seals of the declaration companies will be finished on the spot. Like before,the enterprises are guided to use the "online registration system of Tianjin Customs" for online registration. With the help of public information service system and e-port platform, the registrations of declaring companies and customs declarers will be done online.

  22. To improve the port inspection and quarantine, as well as customs clearance services.The straight-through mode at Tianjin Port will be vigorously promoted, and the applied range will be expanded.For the key companies and projects, tracking and onsite services will be provided, and tailor-made service measures like "case by case" and "plant by plant" will be applied. For the qualified enterprises and goods, the acceptance of customs inspection, document transfer,examination and certification are completed in a electronic and paperless way.The services are provided all year round, fixed overtime and making appointments will be combined for holidays and festivals, so that the inspection and quarantine can be done anytime.

  23. To reduce and down-passing administrative examination and approval. Focusing on the fields of investment, social programs and non-administrative approval, combined with the implementation of the sixth group of reduced and down-passed administrative examination and approval items of China, the municipal administrative examination and approval items will be sorted out. By"reducing,revoking, down-passing, returning,combining and clearing", the dministrative examination and approval items are to be further adjusted and reduced.Administrative examination and approval limits, as well as function and power will be further down-passed to Binhai New Area. Administrative examination and approval limits will be continued to be down-passed to the districts and counties.

  24. To improve the efficiency of administrative examination and approval. "one-stop" examination and approval at the administrative licensing service centers will be enhanced and expanded, the interdepartmental integration of examination and approval will be promoted. The "one examination, one approval;examination and approval on the spot" system will be further implemented, the long-term mechanism like approval, online examination and approval and booking for examination and approval will be enhanced, and the individual examination and approval will be 20% quicker than what was promised.For the investment projects of joint examination and approval, the total days should be less than 30 from setting up to getting the construction permit, and the time for the whole procedure should be less than 140 days.The actual finishing time for an enterprise to set up the joint examination and approval is shortened from 5 working days to 4.The construction of administration service centers in urban sub districts and townships will be completed, pilot agent offices will be set up in urban and rural areas, and free agent services will be provided to people,extending the services to the grassroots. In Binhai New Area, 8,890 sub-centers for household services will be established, and the services will be expanded.

  25. To reduce administrative and business service fees. The administrative charges concerning enterprises will be further standardized, and the management over business service fees concerning enterprises are to be strengthened.The road toll stations will be removed, and the "green channel" policy for the transportation of fresh agricultural products will be strictly implemented. By December 31,2012, the exporters of live animals, live-birds and aquatic animals will be fully exempted of inspection and quarantine fees, and the exporters of other agricultural products are subject to 50% discount of nspection and quarantine fees; for the imported petroleum and crude oil that are listed in the "Catalogue of Inbound and Outbound Goods for Inspection and Quarantine by Inspection and Quarantine Institutions", the inspection and quarantine fee is RMB0.1 per ton, if the fee exceeds RMB5,000 per batch, the fee for the exceeding part is charged at 80%. Art galleries, public libraries and cultural centers are to be opened freely to the public, and the relevant administrative and business service fees will be cancelled.

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