Air Port Economic Area

  II. ADSL broadband service

  1. Account opening fees: RMB 400/line (excluding access fees of fixed telephone).

  2. Monthly use fees (Unit: RMB)

  III. Data service A. DDN (digital data) service fees 1. Access of DDN one-time fees Material costs: RMB 605/line (RMB 200/line; commissioning and test fees: RMB 200/line; user line fees: RMB 205/line) 2. Domestic, international and Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan line lease charging standard and communication standard of the Processing Area
  B. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) service charges 1. Fees for access of ATM by a lump sum Material costs: RMB 500/port; commissioning and test fees: RMB 500/line; user line fees: RMB 205/pair 2. Monthly rental of ATM port
  3. Monthly rental of ATM circuit
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