Air Port Economic Area

  IV. Heat supply

  We will supply heat water to the heat consumers (hereinafter referred to as users) in winters and industrial steam throughout the year. The steam pressure and steam temperature at entry points of the users will not be lower than 0.6MPa and 165≧ (statuary temperature) respectively; the designed temperature of entry water and back water for the users will be 130≧ and 70≧ respectively. Heat water pressure: 0.4MPa+ P+ 1.6 MPa. The heat pipelines will be owned by the professional heat suppliers and extended to the red line of the enterprises. The heat supply facilities within the red line of the enterprises shall be owned by and constructed at the expensed of the users.

  1. Water and heat supply infrastructure construction fees: While signing heat supply contract, the users shall pay to the heat supplier by a lump sum. The following is the standards:

  (1) Industrial project basic facilities construction fees: RMB 25/M2

  (2) Residential housing project basic facilities construction fees: RMB 92/M2

  (3) Public facilities project basic facilities construction fees: RMB 130/M2

  (4) Public interests project basic facilities construction fees: RMB 100/M2 Industrial gas consumption subsidy: The fees shall be paid by a lump sum to the heat suppliers on execution of heat supply contract. The following is the standard: RMB 80,000/ton/hour.

  2. Heat consumption fees (on monthly basis):

  (1) Steam measurement fees: RMB 170/ton

  (2) Heat fees:

  A. According to the heat consumption building area Measurement fees: RMB 9.35/m2/month;

  B. According to heat measurement: Fixed fees: Charged on monthly basis with the standard: heat area (m2) x 9.35 (RMB/m2/month) x 60%. Measurement fees: Charged on monthly basis with the standard: actual heat consumption (KWH) x 0.1526 (RMB/KWH) and designed load/70W〜9.35 (RMB/m2/month) for large factories and warehouses.

   Notes: 1. Steam consumption of the users shall be charged by 40%, when lower than 40% of the contract quantity

  2. Heat supply period is from November 15 of the year to March 15 next year;

  V. Communication

  12-hole communication pipe will be laid in the neighborhood of the processing area. At Phase I Project of the adjunctive Airport Processing Area is set Personal Handphone System (PHS) Base and 1,280 data service interface users (clients); in the Area 4 full service communication equipment rooms are set to provide more immediate quality communication service to the customers.

  Processing Area Service Center has communication customer manager as well as engineering and technical staff responsible for communication facilities construction and operation as well as customer communication business. We will provide fixed local and long-distance telephone, IP telephone, telegram, satellite communication, data business, intelligent network business, video business, network element rent, call center, system integration, public payphone service, all kinds of telecom card service and wireless local telephone service, etc. Meanwhile, we will provide all-round and full-service communication service.

  The following is charging standards:

  I. Fixed telephone

  A. Office telephone

  1. Access of a new office telephone: RMB 205/set.

  2. Call fees: Fees for calling within the service area (six districts and new four districts in the city): RMB 0.22/3 minutes at beginning and RMB 0.11/minute later;

  Fees for calling between service areas (Tanggu, Hangu, Dagang, Wuqing, Jixian, Ninghe, Baodi and Jinghai): RMB 0.30/minute;

  Mobile phone call fees: RMB 0.20/minute;

  Domestic long-distance call: RMB 0.7/minute;

  3. Monthly rental:

  RMB 35/set/month according to level-specific rate and data rate SRAM (including 2 IP addresses) for 40 hours and 80 hours

  B. Virtual telephone network service

  1. Access of virtual telephone network service: RMB 205/set

  2. Call fees: Free for call within the enterprise; fees equivalent to office telephone for outbound call.

  3. Monthly rental: RMB 35/set/month.

  C. Trunk line

  1. New access of trunk line: RMB 205/set

  2. Call fees: equivalent to office telephone charges

  3. Monthly rental: RMB 100/line/month

  4. Network use fees: RMB 4/hour

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