Application for Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate by bonded foreign-funded enterprises
Application Materials:
1. Application Form for Foreign Exchange Registration of New Foreign-funded Enterprises;
2. The Business License and Corporation Code Certificate;
3. The approval document and certificate for the establishment of foreign-funded enterprises issued by commerce department;
4. The contract of foreign-funded enterprises (except foreign-owned enterprises) and articles of association which have been approved as effective;
5. Where the Chinese investors are domestic institutions, their organization code certificate and a copy of the business license shall be submitted; where the Chinese investor is a domestic natural person, his or her identity card shall be provided; where the foreign investor is foreign individual, his or her effective identity document shall be provided; where the foreign investor is a foreign institution, its institutional registration document shall be submitted;
6. As for the new foreign-funded real estate enterprises, the certification which has been filed by the Ministry of Commerce and a letter of undertaking shall be additionally submitted;
7. Where the aforementioned materials can not fully explain the authenticity of the transaction or the consistency between materials, supplemental materials shall be provided.
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