Instant registration of contract signing on external debts one by one
Application Materials:
1. An application report;
2. The loan contract (where the contract is in foreign language, the Chinese version of principal terms shall be submitted and affixed with the official seal of the borrower); as for project financing, the main contract related to the project financing and a content summary shall be submitted; where there is any guarantee document related to the project financing, it shall also be provided; as for the aircraft leasing financing, the financing and leasing agreement and security agreement shall be provided;
3. As for the external debt that should be approved in advance, the approval document issued by the relevant departments should be provided;
4. Where the debtor is a foreign-funded enterprise, the print page of the basic information from the FDI system for foreign-funded enterprises and the latest capital verification report issued by the certified public accountant should be submitted;
5. Where the financing of a foreign-funded enterprise is guaranteed by a foreign institution and the external debt is formed due to the contract performance of the Guarantor, the local and foreign currency loan contract, guarantee contract and contract performance certificate of the Guarantor should be provided;
6. As for the registration of medium- and long-term international commercial loans, where a financial institution is commissioned to transfer the loan, the power of attorney for borrowing signed by the project unit shall also be submitted;
7. Supplemental materials to the foregoing materials.
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