Regulations of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone on Senior Talent Attraction
Article 1 These Regulations are formulated to promote the rapid development of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Airport Logistics Processing Area and Airport International Logistics Area (hereinafter referred to as ¡°the Three Areas¡±), encourage with support senior talents to work in the Three Areas and raise regional comprehensive competitive strength.
Article 2 The senior talents attracted by the Three Areas shall meet one of the following conditions:
(1) Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering;
(2)  Personnel with special allowance of the State Council or the title of ¡°Young-and-middle-aged Experts with Remarkable Contribution¡±;
(3)  Personnel with doctorate degree from abroad;
(4) Academic and technological leaders both at home and abroad in line with the high-tech industry development in the Three Areas;
(5) Technological personnel with invention patents, expertise or other technological achievements industrialized in the Three Areas, or no less than 5% (included) of equity in technological research institutions or enterprises;
(6) Senior operation and management talents with excellent profession and outstanding performance urgently demanded by the Three Areas;
(7) Senior technical workers with special skills, able to solve priorities and difficulties during the production of enterprises in the ¡°Three Areas¡±and create high economic interests for the enterprises.
 The personnel authority of the free trade zone will organize and manage the identification of the senior talents to settle in the Area.
Article 3 10% of special funds, set aside from ¡°enterprise development funds¡±each year, will be used to pay relevant fees specified in the Regulations.
Article 4 Senior talents will enjoy preferential transfer of permanent residence (including their spouses and children transferred according to the requirements) to Tianjin and assistance in their children¡¯s enrollment to nursery, kindergarten or schools.
In the event of failure of their spouses to be employed for reasonable difficulty in one year, their spouses will receive living subsidy for one year equal to 60% of average monthly employee salary for last year in Tianjin.
For the senior talents abroad to found and guide in founding enterprises, their children will enjoy RMB 20,000 by a lump sum, when enrolled in primary or secondary schools in Tianjin.
Article 5 The senior talents, with registered resistance, personnel and administrative affiliation and personnel files not in Tianjin, can declare professional and technological titles verification to the extent of over one year of employment in the Three Areas; those transferred senior talents in the Three Areas with outstanding performance can apply for one level higher professional and technological titles as an exception.
Article 6 The senior talents, with invention patents, special technologies or other technological achievements that have been confirmed by the technological authorities and industrialized in the Three Areas as, will receive a rent-free apartment with certain area for two years.
Article 7 To purchase homes in the City, the senior talents with labor contract for two years (included) signed with the confirmed high-tech enterprises in the Three Areas will receive RMB 30,000 of home purchase subsidy; the doctors who just go out of a doctoral station and sign with enterprises in the Three Areas or for two years (included) will receive RMB 50,000 of home subsidy by a lump sum.
To purchase homes in Tianjin, the high-tech employees who sign over two years of labor contract with manufacturing enterprises, high-tech enterprises and R & D institutions verified by the authorities in the Area and meet conditions specified hereby will receive RMB 10,000 ¨C 30,000 of subsidy by a lump sum it their total annual salary is between RMB 100,000 ¨C RMB 300,000 (included), and subsidy as 10% of salary income if their total annual salary over RMB 300,000.
Article 8 RMB 50,000 of subsidy will be granted as settlement fees to those with special allowance of the State Council or the title of ¡°Young-and-middle-aged Experts with Remarkable Contribution¡± for employment in the Area and residence in Tianjin; those with doctorate degree at home or abroad and age below 35 will receive RMB 20,000 by a lump sum for employment in the Area and residence in Tianjin
Article 9 The enterprises in the Three Areas are encouraged to set postdoctoral workstations. For doctors working in the workstations, the Managing Committee will grant RMB 50,000 of technological subsidy per person/year for personal disposal.
Article 10 Two-way international air tickets will be provided to the returning personals study aboard who are invited to invest and investigate in the Three Areas.
Article 11 For the senior talents with remarkable achievements in high-tech industry development in the Three Areas, the personnel authorities in the Area will preferentially recommend them for granting honorary titles and special government subsidies to the related departments of the State.
Article 12 During the employment in the Three Areas, to purchase cars for personal use by loan, the senior talents will enjoy loans with discounted interest for the part of over RMB 300,000 (included) in the loan.
Article 13 The senior talents, with high-tech technological achievements as equity investment, will receive up to 8% of subsidy for five years according to their equity profit distribution amount.
Article 14 The free trade zone has excellent distribution award and amply award, once for every two years, the senior talents with remarkable contributions to the regional economic development and creation of significant economic interests.
Article 15 When qualified in terms of the preferential policies of the State, Tianjin and these Regulations, one can enjoy both the mentioned preferential policies and these Regulations.
Article 16 These Regulations, subject to interpretation of he Labor and Personnel Bureau of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, will go to effect on the date of promulgation.
November 3, 2004
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