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ĦĦĦĦDevelopment goal: by the means of popularizing demonstration and fostering market, grasp industrial high-end and focus on supporting the new energy equipment industries which regard solar energy equipment, geothermal energy equipment and novel energy storage equipment as main bodies; cultivate new material industries and adjust new energy utilization proportion by enclosing the key fields such as metal, battery material, industrial ceramic and the like; and actively popularize emerging energy sources such as the geothermal energy, solar energy and natural gas and cultivate a new energy product market to form one of the important new energy application demonstration areas in the city. The total industrial output value of the new material and new energy industry will be up to 3 billion Yuan until 2015.

ĦĦĦĦDevelopment key point: by matching with the requirements from industries such as civil aviation, electronic information, automobile, biomedicine and construction, focus on introducing high-temperature structural material, multifunctional material, superconducting material, laser material, biological material, civil aviation novel material and advanced ceramic material in the new material field; focus on introducing solar energy equipment, wind energy equipment and tidal energy equipment in the new energy field; and form a batch of key enterprises which own proprietary intellectual property rights and brands and play a significant role at home and abroad by introducing a batch of projects with advanced technology and in relatively large scale to drive the development of new material and new energy industry.

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